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Fenian Dynamiters The Clan na Gael
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The Roman Empire

One must be familiar with handling it before a full success can be secured. It is owing to this difficulty that the terrible fate intended for London Bridge and its neighborhood was turned aside by the instantaneous killing instead of the two Fenian criminals. HPB. Studies In Occultism 52. Lucifer, August, 1891 .

The Fenians, the Irish Dynamiters. Clan na Gael:


Hardly any British monarch since Elizabeth was free of the so-called Irish Question. Disraeli defined it during a speech in 1844. He said that Ireland had a starving population, an alien church, and the weakest executive in the world. England, he said, was the cause of misery in Ireland.


England's duty was to change those things by peaceful means that a revolution would effect by force. It was up to the British to care for the famished, let the Irish worship without penalty, invest rather than asset strip and establish fair and efficient government. Gladstone, in the year of the famine, 1845, proclaimed, that his mission was to pacify Ireland.


Others had different ideas. In 1879 the Irish Land League was formed. It became famous for ostracising landowners and their agents. Lord Erne's estate manager was Captain Charles Boycott. The Irish refused to trade with him. He was ostracised. It's from him that we get the term boycotting. Three 19th century Acts improved compensation payments for evicted tenants to eventually give them better tenure agreements and in some cases the right to buy.


It was now that Charles Parnell appeared in Irish politics. He was Irish but looked, acted and sounded an English upper class landowner. He was also an agitator and became the leader of Irish MPs who after the 1886 election held the balance of power at Westminster. The Fenian Society in New York supported Parnell, but there was a conflict of interest. The Fenians, known as the Clan na Gael also wanted to be a force in US politics and believed that the campaigning for Ireland would win Irish American hearts and therefore political prestige. So the Irish Question as Disraeli called it and anti-Empire speeches clearly had double motives in America.


As we can see there is a stark contrast between what Disraeli proposes on the 'irish question' and what the Tibetan Master offers as solution to it. In fact this particular polarization of thought leaves us an excellent study on how a White Lodge Master ultimatly sees a given situation and how a type of black magician sees it! JPC.


'Bismarck and Beaconsfield are types of black magicians.' 1901. KH.


To sum up: the task of every nation is, therefore, a twofold one:


To solve its own psychological internal problems. This it does by recognition of their existence; by the quelling of national pride and by taking those steps which would establish unity and beauty of rhythm in the life of its peoples.


To foster the spirit of right relations. This is accomplished by the recognition of the one world of which it is a part. This later involves also the taking of those steps which would enable it to enrich the whole world with its own individual contribution.


These two activities - national and international - must proceed side by side with the emphasis upon the work of practical Christianity, and not by dominant theologies and subtly imposed Church controls. EP2 653.


After troubled Ireland has adjusted her internal problems. LOM 307.


One must be familiar with handling it before a full success can be secured. It is owing to this difficulty that the terrible fate intended for London Bridge and its neighborhood was turned aside by the instantaneous killing instead of the two Fenian criminals. HPB. Studies In Occultism 52. Lucifer, August, 1891 .


All the rest belongs to the old "fashion" of the past years. It consists of hats, porte cigars, bottles of ordinary kind, and even ladies' smelling bottles, filled with dynamite, nitro-glycerin, etc., etc. — weapons, some of which, following unconsciously Karmic law, killed many of the dynamiters in the last Chicago revolution. HPB. Studies In Occultism 52. Lucifer, August, 1891 .


National Fenian convention in Chicago 1863:


The acknowledged leader of the Communistic Anarchists in Chicago are August Spies, A. R. Parsons, Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden, P. J. Dusey, known as "Dynamite" Dusey, and Chris. Spies, brother of August. Their prominence as leaders and expounders of the cause is indicated by the order in which they are named above.


August Spies is a pale-faced, intellectual-looking German, thirty-six years of age. He was born in Hessia and came to this country in 1873. He has been a Socialist all his life, and started a newspaper in support of that cause in 1879. His paper was called the Arbeiter Zeitung, and a sheet was never published which contained matter more revolutionary to the law and order of the community. He was an agitator among his class as early as 1877, and in the past six years has been very active and successful in stirring up revolution among his people. He is the author of many tracts on the subject of Socialism, and as a violent speech-maker he stands the peer of the lunatic Most. He is passionate and emotional, and entirely incompetent to discuss the principles of his creed calmly or logically. He is a student of explosives and their use, and an expert in the manufacture of bombs and infernal machines, as will appear below, and evidences of which were discovered in abundance in his office after the riot. The Chicago Riot.


December 13, 1884-Explosion at London Bridge:


The most tragic of all these affairs was the attempt made, in the darkness of a winter night (December 13th), 1884), to blow up London Bridge. In the wavering-lights and shadows thrown by the shore lamps on the river, a boat rowed by two men crept up to the bridge. No one noticed her progress, boats of all sorts and sizes navigate the Thames at all hours of the day and night. No one knew what this particular craft had on board ; but it was a very special freight-a large package of a terrible explosive, and two desperate men to operate it.


They got their tiny vessel under one of the arches, busied themselves there for some few minutes-then there was a flash as of lightning, and a roar as of thunder- the explosive had gone off prematurely ; the massive masonry of the bridge was slightly injured; the boat and the two men disappeared, never to be seen again by human eyes.


Of one of those men the name has not transpired. In all the accounts of the affair that I have seen he is referred to as an unknown person. But to some of the contrivers of those desperate enterprises, he must have been well known ; and at some hearth and home he must have been missed ; for true it is that "nothing dies but something mourns." Of the identity of the other there is no doubt. The engineer thus "hoist with his own petard," was no other than "Captain Mackay," the hero of some daring raids for arms in Cork city and the neighbourhood in the year 1868. For one of those adventures, in the course of which a policeman was shot, he was tried before Judge (after-wards Lord) O'Hagan, at the Cork Assizes, in the March of that year, on a charge of treason-felony, convicted, and sentenced to twelve years' penal servitude. The frank, modest, and withal manly demeanour of the young man in the dock touched all hearts. The learned judge who sentenced him-and who indeed was no Radamanthus-was visibly moved, it is said, almost to tears. Mackay, whose real name was Lomasney, after having served three years of his term, was released on condition of his going to America. Accordingly, to America he went; but the heart of the man was un-changed, and plans and projects for "triking terror" into the heart of the enemy had an irresistible fascina-tion for him. In all the long list of Fenian sufferers, confessors and martyrs, not one is thought of so tenderly as the small, slight, genial young man, William Lomasney Mackay, known throughout the Fenian ranks by the pet name of "The Little Captain." Recollections of Troubled Times in Irish Politics by T. D. Sullivan 1905 175.


Great Britain in the 1880s, faced with Irish-American dynamiters who attacked Scotland Yard, the House of Commons, and, in spectacularly unsuccessful fashion, London Bridge.


These nationalist organizations engaged in militant activity in support of the Irish cause. The goal was to humiliate England in every way possible, through terrorism if necessary. Traditional parliamentary solutions had been rejected because of the defeat of the Irish legislators at the hands of the English and because of the suspension of Irish civil liberties following the murder of several British officials. So the Clan sent many of its members abroad on bombing missions, successfully dynamiting Britain's Local Government Board, the offices of the London Times , Victoria Station, Scotland Yard, London Bridge, Parliament, and the Tower of London


March 16 - Fenian dynamiters hit Mansion House in London.


Indeed, from the time of the late 19th Century Russian anarchists and the Victorian-era Fenian dynamiters who terrorised London, terrorists have continued to rely almost exclusively on the same two weapons: the gun and the bomb.


1883, Tuesday October 30, A bomb planted by Fenian Dynamiters exploded on the Metropolitan railway line near Praed street. Two third class carriages were destroyed and 62 person injured.


JPC. May 2006.

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